Our Story


Escape back to nature.
In 2017, we were seeking better connection with one another. Quality time spent together without distraction.
About Us

Into The Wild Escapes creates restorative experiences in nature. Escapes in which to rewild, enriched by imagination and a sense of discovery.

The frenetic energy of modern life can lead us to feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm. When we feel this way, we think of it as our “call to rewild”, an instinctive reminder that it’s time to head out to nature, to reawaken our sense of wonder, rediscover creativity and reclaim rest.

Our escapes offer a moment to live simply amid soothingly minimalist interiors and creature comforts. Think: luxurious linen sheets, artisanal coffee, fresh-scented eco-cleaning products, and even air-con for those sweltering Australian summer days.

Our off-grid sanctuaries act as ideal for quiet contemplation. They allow you to trade notifications for wild landscapes, to find enjoyment in the gentle winds and birdsong, and lose yourself in expansive outlooks, adopting the pace of nature.

No matter what life is throwing your way, a few nights under an open sky is bound to put everything into perspective.



Our Story

In 2017, we (a group of overworked and busy friends and family) were seeking better connection with one another. Quality time spent together without distraction.

When we went out into nature and put away our technology, we simply felt better. We felt present. We looked into the science of this and came upon the concept of “rewilding” – a holistic approach to conservation that is about restoring ecosystem health, helping nature to flourish, and restoring our relationship with the natural world.

This discovery became a moment of pure inspiration for us both, and the beginning of Into The Wild Escapes.

Beyond enabling people to experience the benefits of rewilding, our escapes connect people to the diversity and richness of Australia whilst supporting rural and regional communities.

Above all, it’s our dream to make the act of rewilding available and accessible to everyone, and for it to be widely understood as essential to our well-being.